Little Moon Farm CSA will launch in June 2018. Family CSA shares and Chef’s CSA Shares go on sale this April.

Community Supported Agriculture is an increasingly popular way for people to connect with the source of their food!

By joining the Lunita Farm CSA, you will have the opportunity meet and interact with your farmers, know exactly where your food is coming from and how it is grown, and ensure a whole bunch of fresh, locally grown, and seasonal fruit and veggies every week!

Why choose our CSA? Little Moon Farm is offering the only CSA of produce grown locally in Napa. Our vegetables are always freshly picked, sustainably grown without the use of any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and they taste great! Our weekly newsletter is filled with farm updates, recipe ideas, and fun facts. Additionally, included in the full season CSA, there will be 3 excited on-farm events. Know your farmers, know your food.

By supporting Lunita Farm, you are supporting diverse agriculture in Napa Valley and long term food security!

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