Our Story

Little Moon Farm is back. Farmer Rachel is excited to grow her own CSA farm business on an acre of land in Coombsville. 

IMG_4951Little Moon Farm is back. Growing Food and Growing Gardens. Farmer Rachel Kohn Obut moved to Sonoma in December of 2009, and founded Lunita Farm in March of 2010.

Over time, there has been evolution and change. Farmer Rachel has spent the last 5 years, building, designing and managing farms for other organizations, including Sweetwater Spectrum in Sonoma and Flatbed Farm in Glen Ellen. Now she is back to running her own farm business on leased land. Little Moon Farm of Napa will grow beautiful food for the community of Napa. Preliminary tractor work was completed, compost applied, and cover crop seed went into the ground on December 22, 2017. Farmer Rachel is excited to be building soil and planting seeds. Napa’s CSA program will launch in June of 2018.

IMG_1498With experience in specialty annual production, orchard planning and maintenance, permaculture design, educational gardens, micro green production, greenhouse design and management, farm budgeting, and farm marketing strategy, Rachel will work with you to design and manage your dream farm or garden.



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