Our Story

Lunita Farm began with a simple ad in the local newspaper: “Farmer looking for land”

IMG_4951In March of 2010, two young farmers decided to work together to bring a fallow piece of land in the Carneros into a highly productive vegetable farm.

After the first year, Rachel continued to manage Lunita Farm, searching for “prime land and water” to relocate to, while Austin moved on to other projects. Lunita Farm expanded to various small plots of land throughout the Sonoma Valley. So began the idea that a farm is more than the land where it is located; It is the people that work it, the salad of just picked veggies, and especially the intuition and creativity of the natural world.

In IMG_14982011, Rachel was contacted by a newly formed non-profit organization developing a residential community for adults with autism in Sonoma. While designing and installing this 1 acre farm in the city limits of Sonoma, Rachel discovered her passion for farm planning and site development.

With experience in specialty annual production, orchard planning and maintenance, permaculture design, educational gardens, micro green production, greenhouse design and management, farm budgeting, and farm marketing strategy, Rachel will work with you to design and manage your dream farm or garden.



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