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Welcome to Lunita Farm

Lunita Farm is a small-scale diversified vegetable and fruit farm, with a mission to build community around locally grown produce in the Valley of the Moon. Though not certified organic, we go above and beyond these standards, practicing sustainable methods that increase the fertility of the land. We are first and foremost a CSA farm. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and describes a system where our customers can sign up to be members of the farm, and receive a bountiful share of our freshest seasonal vegetables and fruit each week. However, we hope to do more than distribute produce. Our goal is to make Lunita Farm a hub for community growth, educational workshops, and harvest celebrations. Lunita Farm began as the dream of two young farmers to turn an empty piece of land into a prospering garden. As Lunita Farm enters its third season, this small piece of land in the Carneros region is still the main hub of the farm, but we continue to look for a larger, more central location that can provide the space, soil, and water for Lunita Farm to keep growing. This will be a new model for the small farm. While we cannot afford to buy land in the Sonoma Valley, empty land is all around us. Through cooperation and sharing, we can all benefit by putting this unused land into production.